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My name is Melissa Smith and after being an Executive Assistant for over 15 years I went out on my own to start a virtual assistant company. I quickly realized business owners didn’t have the right knowledge of VAs and even less about how to hire the right one. After finding myself constantly matching coaches and consultants with the right virtual assistant I decided to create a business of it. That’s when I changed my focus to matchmaking and consulting. Soon after I would write a bestseller, Hire the Right Virtual Assistant.

There is a system and method to hire the right VA. I make the process an art. Utilizing a virtual assistant to diversify your income streams, expand your audience, and grow your business without killing yourself by doing it all and wasting time on trial and error is why I exist. It is my deep desire and privilege to work with clients, matching them with the right VA, and watching their business dreams come to life, while at the same time being able to enjoy the process. All this is done in much less time than they think.

Over the years I have worked with a variety of executives, speakers, consultants, and coaches. Each client gets their own personalized service, as will you. I pride myself on being the best at what I do and never over promise and under deliver. I define my success by yours – did you meet your goals, do you have more time to do what you love, are your long-term goals closer than you think. Of course, repeat clients and referrals are the greatest compliments I can receive.

How do I know all this? Well, it’s because I’m not only a virtual assistant, I’m also an entrepreneur, CEO, and business owner. I am constantly expanding and stretching my goals. Seeking out new income streams and sources of revenue. Discovering how I can reach a larger audience and automate my services to make what I do more valuable. This means I have anywhere from three to seven VAs working for me at any given time. I know the challenges you face because I face them as well. Being a player on both teams I’m constantly looking for the “win-win” situation and know when I find it.


When I’m not assisting clients I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, running and catching as many sunrises and sunsets as possible. I’ve participated in several Tough Mudders and ran a couple of half-marathons. In 2017, I lived and worked in 12 countries in 12 months! I was able to sneak in several extra countries as well. (In order: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Morocco, Spain, England, Czech Republic, Berlin, Croatia, Serbia, Israel, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia)

Melissa is very professional and was very consultative in identifying my firm's needs in a VA for email marketing. She then efficiently vetted the candidates and presented me with two that she recommended for interviews. Both were very good, and the one who I selected has performed very well. Her VA service solved my problem perfectly.

Gregg Ficery

Founder and President, Integgra Valuation & Advisory Services

I am glad to recommend Melissa Smith and her services. She helped connect me to two remarkably talented virtual assistants recently. Melissa took the time to learn what I was looking to achieve, screen for those qualities, and then stay connected through the contracting process. Better still, she followed up to make sure things were working to my satisfaction a month later. Great service.Thanks Melissa!

Sarah Boxx

Principal, Social Entrepreneurs, Inc.

Melissa was a key component of my best month in 2015. Right from the first phone call a connection was formed better than most in person. Weekly check up's held me accountable and the work Melissa performed enabled me to soar to new productivity and creativity heights. Give Melissa a phone call and make December the best month of your year.

Calvin Simpson

Writer ~ Speaker ~ Trading Expectation for Creation

Melissa’s ability to figure out what her clients need and then provide support in that area is amazing. As an assistant, she can zero in on how to help her clients in ways that leave them feeling as if a weight was lifted from their shoulders. As a matchmaker to V.A.’s and clients, she knows the exact questions to ask, and then precisely what to seek when pairing the two. This produces a symbiotic relationship between V.A. and client that allows both to feel as if they are fulfilling their personal missions. Anyone able to experience working with Melissa should feel lucky—she is truly gifted at her profession.

Emily Rose

Owner, Emily Rose Coaching

After searching for a VA for two years, I decided to hire Melissa to help with the search and matching process. Previously, I had false starts with people who thought they wanted to work as a VA, but changed their mind, and with people who didn’t have the skill level my business needed. Melissa’s process was very thorough and professional. We started with an intake meeting, discussing not only my business needs, but also my work habits, communication preferences and general business culture. Melissa worked quickly to provide three highly qualified prospects, which she coached me through assessing. Once I chose a VA, she assisted with contract completion, project coaching and engaged throughout the first 30 days to ensure the VA match was successful. Overall, the money I invested in Melissa’s service was far less than what I had wasted trying to find the right VA on my own. I would highly recommend her matching service to any small business owner.

Kris Marsh

Owner, Kris Marsh Consulting

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