Are You An Expert Virtual Assistant With No Clients?

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There is a growing trend in the field of virtual assistants to add titles such as consultant, coach, strategist to your title as a VA. It is actually hurting your business. In fact, in most cases, you are repelling the client.

You are far less likely to be found and the client isn’t looking for another consultant, coach, or strategist. Your future clients are looking for a VA to do the work.

Potential clients are highly likely to be working with a consultant, coach, and strategist already. The very person who told the client to stop doing all the work and hire a VA already.

Now let me explain. Do you have the ability to consult, coach, and strategize with your client on the best ways to implement their ideas and plan of actions? Yes! Will you consult with your client, coach them on best practices, and help strategize? I absolutely expect that you would as the expert in your area. However, when you have “consultant” in your title that is not what the client is thinking.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes and follow the steps she takes to find you or even follow-up on a referral.

Step 1: The client begins a search on LinkedIn by typing in “virtual assistant” or goes directly to your website looking for the type of VA work you do.


  • Your LinkedIn profile is far more likely to populate on a Google search before your website.
  • Don’t take for granted that because this a referral your potential client won’t want to research you first.
  • It’s a best practice to Google yourself from time to time and see what comes up.

Step 2: What she finds is that you consult, coach, and strategize. Already having a consultant, coach, and business strategist she continues in her search. Your potential client is likely to have already spent thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars on the services and moves on to find a VA who will actually do the work she desperately needs. Clients don’t naturally make the connection that the person who is going to consult with them is also the person who is going to implement the process or task.

Think of how the client is working now. As a coach or consultant themselves they don’t do the work they tell their own clients to do. When they are being coached and consulted they have to do the work they are given. What the client is desperately looking for is a virtual assistant to do the work that is not a good use of their time and/or they don’t know how to do.

In two easy steps, you lost the lead and potential client.

What is the better way to position yourself and expertise? It’s as easy as putting yourself in the client’s shoes again.

Step 1: Make sure you have the title “Virtual Assistant” listed. You should not use the acronym VA, rather spell it out because the title VA is easily confused with other acronyms.

Step 2: List what type of VA you are. Clients usually have very specific needs when they go searching. I’m a VA Matchmaker. As a matchmaker, I’ve never spoken with anyone who said I want a VA who does it all. Now, the client may have several needs and it’s my job to help them determine what type of virtual assistant is going to make the most immediate impact.

You might be the VA who specializes in online course creation for coaches or speakers. You could be a VA who specializes in creating social media campaigns, or a blogger working in health and wellness. The point is you must be what the client is looking for. Which means you have to know your client and is how you position yourself as the expert.

Step 3: Don’t list that you coach, strategize, or consult. It doesn’t matter that you actually offer these services because that is not why the client came looking for you. Tell the client who they are and what you have to offer. Don’t be vague. Remind the client that you are exactly the expert virtual assistant they have been looking for. They should hire you to do the job.

Remember being a virtual assistant describes how we work not what we do. However, adding in too many titles that your client isn’t looking for is actually repelling them. Your expertise will be valued by the work you do not by a title chosen to elevate your level of expertise.


Melissa is the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and Become A Successful Virtual Assistant. To learn more about becoming a successful VA or be matched with a client looking for a VA just like you, contact Melissa here.

She has gained international recognition and has been featured in CareerBuilder, The Muse, Spark Hire, Thinkific & Woman’s World.


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