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Become a Successful Virtual Assistant

Learn the Business Side & Ditch 9 to 5

“Become A Successful Virtual Assistant” is the bestselling book that teaches you exactly what it says. It is a complete guidebook, with complimentary workbook, which breaks down the process of determining who your clients are, your niche, pricing, sales, consultations, networking, client relationships, growing your business and so much more! You’ll not only find it easy to read but with the workbook, you’ll be able to create actionable steps for yourself and journal your progress. “Become A Successful Assistant” will also serve as a reference guide for you.

Here’s what virtual assistants are saying about my book:


BEST VIRTUAL ASSISTANT BUSINESS BOOK ON AMAZON  “I have read the other top 5 Virtual Assistant business books. NONE of them come close to how Melissa breaks down the step by step processes that need to be taken in order to be successful. She has gone above and beyond while also providing relatable experiences.”Amanda Tento

I wish I’d read this book two years ago… “When I decided to come out of early retirement I knew that I wanted to do something different than work the traditional 9-5. Back then, I didn’t know what a virtual assistant was, or even that it was possible to work from home for a traditional company. Then a friend pointed me to an online article about the changing nature of the workforce and I knew right then and there that working remotely was right for me.

If you’ve ever wondered about working from home and being your own boss, you should read this book. Ms. Smith lays out the “action steps” you’ll need to take in order to set yourself up as a VA and grow your business in a sane and steady way. This is not a dry “how to” book. The author shares her own experiences and revelations as she built her remote business successfully. The book is structured into chapters that flow seamlessly into each other and are concise and informative. The resource section at the end of the book is especially valuable, and I will return to it again and again.”L. Moore

An amazing resource! “For the past several months I’ve thought about becoming a VA on the side. I’ve even done some training. So I feel like I came to this book with some background.

I LOVED this book! First of all, it’s written in a conversational, down-to-earth style that’s easy to follow and understand. Don’t let that fool you, though. It’s as full of facts and important points as any college textbook. There is so much in here about so many stages of business, this book will be a great reference for years to come. Secondly, it’s laid out in a very organized way that touches on all aspects of establishing, growing, and maintaining a successful business. It’s awesome! But what I appreciated most was the practicality. Never does the author paint the world of the VA as a perfect place. She addresses the pitfalls and challenges as honestly as she addresses the positive. To me, that makes the book a far better preparation for the real world since it lets you know what might be coming and what you could possibly avoid with some planning. The reference section at the end is amazing, too.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about becoming – or who has recently become- a virtual assistant. Even if you have had other training, you will find a lot of practical tips and advice in this book.” – Kim A.

This book is an eye opener for Virtual Assistants “This book is an eye opener for virtual professionals! A must for start-ups and established Virtual Assistants to review if you find your working to hard. I am a mentor for VA Classroom and was looking for a book that I could refer to the Virtual Assistant community. Melissa’s book far exceeded my expectation to the point that I was bookmarking pages of ideas and best practices to use in my own business. I love how Melissa incorporates real stories with solutions on what works and what does not. If your dream is to work anywhere in the world virtually like my dream is, this book will help you get to the next level! Her insights in the Virtual Assistant industry are a gift and you can choose to either learn the hard way or have a book like this that will be a tremendous resource! I am excited to have found this book to share with the VA’s in my community.” – Janice Hurlburt

What an amazing book! “I’ve been working as a VA for several years now, and am looking to expand my business. Luckily this book came along at the perfect time. The author touches on several areas that I struggle with- finding your niche, which services to offer and how to price your services. She has a successful business of her own, and draws extensively on this experience to explain strategies that work and those to avoid. She writes in a highly engaging personal style, weaving stories from her travels throughout the book. I love that such an informative book is so enjoyable to read! This book has given me the confidence to move forward with expanding my business, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to establish a new VA business or grow an existing business. This book is a must-read!”Susie B.