Looking for more personalized service? Melissa offers personal consulting for coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and virtual assistants.

In her consulting work, Melissa Smith, The PVA helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs hire the right VA. She helps VAs work through the challenges of becoming a business owner with her proven eight-step plan.

> Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs

  • Assessing what needs would be most impactful for your business.
  • Writing a job description to attract the ideal candidate.
  • Setting expectations and creating a plan the VA can follow.
  • How to work better with the VA or admin you currently have.
  • How to build your VA team.

> VAs

  • How to stop thinking like an employee.
  • How to attract your ideal clients.
  • Creating a niche you love offering the services you love.
  • Mastering the consultation.
  • How to network to build relationships and get client referrals.
  • How to grow your business successfully while diversifying your income streams.

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