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The #1 question virtual assistants have is “Where do I find my clients?”  Whether they are just starting out in business or have new services to offer VAs want more clients. However, the process of thinking about getting more clients can be overwhelming.

Overwhelm happens when you set this big goal and then think we have to tackle it all at once. Instead of looking for one client at a time you start looking for all the clients you want to have at the same time. You look for one contract that is going to bring in the additional income you are searching for. Many VAs put additional stress on themselves by thinking about breaking even, going out of business, or the debt they may have.

When you think like that, it can be very hard. Downright discouraging. You have to take baby steps. You climb a mountain one step at a time. The important thing to remember is to take that all important first step.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu

Now, if you are ready to begin taking your first step this method of getting more clients can work for just about any business. The key is you have to do something. You have to take action. Worry is not an action. In fact, worry will paralyze you to inaction. Even if you are afraid you must do something. It’s like standing on the edge of the diving board and waiting to jump. The longer you wait the worse it is going to get.

So what is the simple thing you should be doing? Reach out to five people every single day to let them know about your services, how you could be of value, take away their pain, and give a gift of thanks for their time. Over a month you will have contacted 100 people (if you don’t include weekends). This doesn’t include compound interest which is my favorite part of investing in myself and my business.

Seems simple, right? It is! If it is this simple then why aren’t more people doing it? There are a number of reasons but most of the time when I’m consulting VAs it’s because they are unsure of themselves, their prices, and their value. If they are unsure of course they are hesitant to take action. I’m not jumping off a diving board unless I’m absolutely positive there is a pool full of water below me.

Let’s say you are sure of your services, value, and how you take the pain away. What does it look like to reach out to someone you may or may not know? First, it starts with the right frame of mind. You should be excited not scared to let others know of your services. If you just got a great deal when you were out shopping you’d share it with others, right? If people are willing to share their food pics all over social media for the “benefit” of others shouldn’t you be willing to share how you can actually help someone grow their business and get their life back?

Now, once you are in the right mindset here is how you reach five people a day effectively.

Step 1: Make a list of 100 people.

It’s important that you make the list first so you can simply check people off. If you wake up each day and have to do a search for even five people you’ll get discouraged and possibly even distracted. Don’t use your precious energy on this step every day. Your energy is best used in other areas. (Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day to save his energy for things that mattered.)

Step 2: Know the ONE service you are going to be promoting.

This email or message needs to be short. Don’t overwhelm your potential clients with a long list of items. Instead of thinking you have a lot to offer they’ll never remember what you offer. You are not Amazon. Think of yourself as Starbucks. When people think of coffee they think Starbucks. Can you get other beverages and even food there? Sure, but what gets people in the door? Coffee.

Pro Tip: When you are known for something very specific you can charge more for it. Starbucks is often affectionately called “fivebucks” and people hand over their money, which is usually well over five dollars, several times a day.

Step 3: Know how your service is going to be of value.

If you are “Starbucks” does your potential client even drink coffee? You are going to need to take some time to do research on your potential client. How does this benefit him/her? What problem does it solve? What pain are you removing from their life? Is it something so important that they are willing to throw money at the problem? (Translation: pay you to do it for them.)

Pro Tip: Let’s say in the list of 100 people you made you have come across several people who you don’t think can benefit from your services. That’s legitimate. Still reach out to them. Instead, position the message differently and ask if they have anyone in their network who struggles in a particular area and is in need of your services. Would they be willing to make an introduction?

Why this works: People who have it together and don’t necessarily need your services still know people who desperately do and often these acquaintances and colleagues slow them down by not being as organized or having their materials together.

Step 4: Give a gift of thanks.

You get what you give. What can you give? DO NOT consider your consultation a gift! If it’s graphics you are offering create a custom graphic as a thank you for them taking the time to read your email or message. If you don’t have a done for you type of service offer two hours of work for free. The point is, there is always something you can give.

Step 5: Follow up.

This is absolutely crucial. As a virtual assistant, you know your potential clients are busy. That is why you are telling them they need you. Don’t expect they are going to be able to respond in a timely fashion. Follow up and get a phone call scheduled or get a  firm Yes/No and then move on.

Clients may not be knocking down your door, yet, but that is no reason not to have any clients at all. There are clients looking for a VA just like you. In fact, in all my conversations and consultations with clients, they want to know where you are. Where does one find a virtual assistant? When you reach out to potential clients first you are already answering their most asked question.


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