How I Got My First $60k Contract “Just Like That”. It Was Easy!

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As a Virtual Assistant $60k contracts are not often heard of. Especially when so many VAs still charge by the hour. I was specific in writing “first” because I actually sent out two $60k contracts on the same day this past week. It seemed to happen “just like that”.

In fact, it was super easy and required almost no effort on my part. I didn’t even search for them. Both clients found me through my book, Hire the Right Virtual Assistant. No follow-up calls were requested and no lengthy processes or hoops to jump through. It was easy because it’s already been hard. The morning cab ride had been hard as well and I had to turn it around. It’s the perfect metaphor.

My first working day in a new country typically has its challenges so I’ve become used to many things not going as planned. Having only arrived in Morocco the day before I can tell you everything was still very new and unfamiliar. We hadn’t received our new SIM cards yet from We Roam but I wasn’t concerned. I had a card with the workspace address on it and I gave it to the taxi driver. Off we went.

Driving to new and unfamiliar places is usually exciting and part of the joy of traveling. Seeing and experiencing things you never have before. However, the excitement and joy quickly turned to frustration when he began taking me to all these taxi stands to ask for directions. Even with the card, he didn’t know where he was going.

After the third stop and rising cab fare, I requested he take me back home. It was the only thing he understood. Up until this point, the frustration in his voice stemmed from the fact I don’t speak Arabic or French. Since I didn’t have a SIM card there was no possibility of Google translate either. Now he was also frustrated because he did understand I wasn’t going to pay him since he never got me to my destination.

Finally, I arrived back at home. I was no longer frustrated. Now, I was upset and quite shaken. Suddenly I began to realize all that could have gone wrong and felt like I escaped some kind of danger. What ifs flooded my mind and the adventure of being in a new country had completed disappeared.

I got on the Slack channel from the house and let the operations team know what happened and how upset and shaken I was. One of the team members got back to me and assured me Rabat is safe. He also told me I was “very close” when I turned around.

This information did not comfort me at all. It did just the opposite. How dare he say such things to me. I didn’t know where the location was so how could I know how close I was? How could I know if the driver was really trying to take me to the right place? Still, I managed to pull myself together and allowed for another driver to come pick me up and take me into the workspace.

Now I could see for myself how close I had been. Now I knew for sure I wasn’t in any real danger. Now I could get to work and do what I do best, assist.

What if I hadn’t though? There were the important “what ifs” to ask of myself. What if I let that ruin my day and my trip? What if I canceled my appointments for the day? What if I stopped trying and quit? I would have lost out on $120k! I didn’t know what the calls were. I had no idea how close I was when I woke up this morning.

The same is true in my business. Every time I struggled or had a bad day it was hard to think and believe things would be any different. (One of the main reasons I keep a journal!) Each struggle and problem is an opportunity to create another situation for yourself. What you’re looking for is on the other side.

Last year I went on my first international trip. This year I’m traveling the world, 12 countries in 12 months. I didn’t know how I close I was to living this dream either. All of seemed to happen as quickly and unexpected, but that’s not true. Work has been done to get me here as well.

If you are a VA and looking for the first client, they are closer than you think. Are you looking to grow your business? There are more opportunities than you realize. Wanting to take a big leap and do something you’ve never done before? There is a way and it’s probably just around the corner.

My business coach and Admin to VA Summit guest expert, Jeffrey Shaw, likes to say, “Wow, that was a rough hour!” Or use the expression, “Success is just around the corner. I just wish someone would stop moving the corner!”

I think back to every good thing or success that came in my business and they were all “unexpected”. They usually came after a difficult time so in reality, I should have been expecting good things. I had put in the hard work and an effort to make things happen. The problem is you don’t know when your hard work is going to pay off. You have to believe it will.

If you follow me you know I don’t often talk about money. In fact, when it comes to how much I make or promising others what they can make I never do. I don’t follow or subscribe to people who use these kinds of tactics. Get rich quick, overnight, or in three easy steps isn’t my jam. However, I chose to share it now because the timing is right.

Could your corner be as close? Is it time to get to the other side of whatever you want? If you’ve put in the work, then it is. If you’re ready to put in the work and sign your big contract easily and “just like that” then it’s time to join the Admin to VA Summit. I want to read your success story. I want to know what you overcame. More importantly, I want you to know you are closer than you think.

Join me in the free Admin to VA Summit now and learn how you can become a successful virtual assistant business owner. Control your time and enjoy freedom and flexibility!


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