Melissa Smith, The PVA

Welcome to The PVA!

(The Personal Virtual Assistant)

Because you can’t do it all yourself… My name is Melissa Smith, The PVA. As a Virtual Assistant Matchmaker & Consultant, I match clients with the right virtual assistants based on communication strategy and ideal client fit. My clients are at a tipping point and on the verge of creating multiple income streams. Whether it is writing a book, launching their speaking career, putting their courses online, expanding their coaching or consulting practice, or starting a whole new venture they seek me out to find them the right VA to meet their current and future needs.

I take the time to get to know you, know your business, where you are now and where you want to be. Clients have access to me no matter where I am in the world. I don’t keep business hours, I keep clients. Because you can’t do it all yourself, I am happy to do the work for you.

I know how the right VA will make your life easier, create time, and make you more money. I also consult with clients that already have a VA to show them how to get the best results.

My premier personal service package includes:

► Determine how and what type of VA will make the greatest impact in your business quickly. (Not all VAs are created equal.)

► Find the right VA for your business based on YOUR communication strategy.

► Match you with a VA who is excited to get up every day and work for you. YOU are their ideal client.

► Spend my time – not yours – writing the perfect job description so only the right VA’s apply.

► Personally, conduct 20-30 interviews per search.

► I set up the appointments for you to interview 2-3 candidates and provide you with the questions to ask.

► Negotiate fees (if necessary) and walk you through the contract process to make sure it is mutually beneficial.

► Provide you with a 12-week plan to onboard your VA so she serves you. I also provide this document to your VA and go over the plan with her. NO additional work is required on your part!

Because you can't do it all yourself... A monthly newsletter to assist you.

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