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How To Earn Money With Part-Time Jobs – 29 Professionals Reveal

“When working as a VA on a part-time basis, especially if you already have a full-time job, the most important thing to remember is NOT to work on an hourly basis. You’ll never get ahead this way and you’ll work yourself to death. ”

AppJobs, December 2018 

Minuca Elena


Secrets to Becoming a Full Time VA

“I’ve never used Upwork or any sites like that. I feel like they are a race to the bottom. People and clients who will truly value you and your work already know you.”

Best of Budgets, November 2018 

Best of Budgets

Why hiring a VA for your business is the best thing ever 

“My favorite part of working with VAs in specialized areas is they always tell me when I’m doing it wrong or make suggestions to help me do better.”

The Pinnergrammer, November 2018 


The Pinnergrammer

Top Tips on How To Market your Home Business 

“Have an opinion and a voice. You never know who is listening, watching, or reading your original content. That is unless you’re not putting out any original content. It’s okay to disagree with the majority and have your own opinion.”

Work At Home Success, SEPTEMBER 2018 

Leslie Truex

Work At Home Success

3 Lessons You Might Learn If You Work and Travel at the Same Time

“…having compelling reasons to set boundaries between work and play—like floating in the Dead Sea, taking a private food and wine tour in Mendoza, Argentina, and browsing the Botero Museum in Bogota, Colombia—is a great way to inspire productivity.”

The Muse, MAY 2018 

Jaclyn Schiff

The Muse

The best ways to Evaluate Remote Employees

“Like any goal, employee performance cannot be achieved if no one knows what it is.”

ProSky, FEBRUARY 2018 

How I Took Control Over My Destiny After Losing My Husband

“I loved being an executive assistant very much, but it was no longer serving the needs of my family.”


Remote Working 101: Your Guide to Building a Location Independent Team

“Being location-independent isn’t simply a perk for your employees. In fact, remote working of any kind should never be considered a perk. The ability to work remotely and be location-independent is a lifestyle and takes not only discipline but also a certain type of compassion and understanding.”

Andrew Henderson


Daily writing practice – consistency breeds success

“When people ask why I have been having success with my blog I tell them the single biggest reason is because I write and publish every, single, day. They would rather me give them magic answers, tips, tricks, and awesome SEO. It’s so much easier and so much harder for them as well.”

Elaine Bennett


Entrepreneurs Explain The Benefits Of Using A Virtual Assistant

“There are endless possible benefits to using a virtual assistant. The greater question is, what impact can a VA have on your business which will benefit you the most?”

CEO Blog Nation, SEPTEMBER 2017 

Our Favorite Online Resources for Freelancers and Remote Workers

Our friend Melissa Smith, from The PVA, has other video chat services and says, “Zoom and Pluot are my favorite. There are a number of options and it makes it easy for others to connect with you which is what you want.”

Michael Rambaldini


My Best Career Decision? Choosing Trade School Over College — Here’s Why

Right from the get-go, Smith’s trade school experience was focused on the job she was training for. Everything that Smith and her classmates did, learned and studied was directly relevant to administrative work.

Alex Wilson


The Pros & Cons of Remote Work: Advice from 12 Remote Experts 

“Talent is out there, but it might not always be conveniently located in your area,” argues Melissa Smith, a virtual assistant staffer, remote work consultant, and author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant. “Whether it be getting the right person for the job, attracting a larger talent pool, or saving money remote work eliminates the need to find the needle in a haystack. You have to be honest with yourself about what your company needs, desires, and person who fulfills these them. It raises the standard and now, with the right job description, that person finds you.”

Shawn Forno


Virtual assistant, real benefits
While the technical skills for virtual admins are similar to those who work on-site, the soft skills are a little different, she says. “No longer is it ‘I’ll grab her walking through the office or wait until this meeting is over to deliver the undesirable news.’ You don’t have those luxuries, and yet it is crucial,” she says. “Your presence needs to be felt, which means you have to reach out and make yourself available for more than simply work. The last thing you want is for someone to think of you as a chatbot or some other form of AI.”


$ Ka- Ching! Get paid to do customer service— from home!
“Customer service takes so many shapes now,” says Melissa Smith, founder of The PVA, a virtual assistant staffer company, and author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant. “It could be an online community manager, a ticket processor, a person who takes fulfillment center requests, being in charge of shipping for e-commerce. Many of these just involve using a computer, not answering phones. To figure out the right job for you, think of all the ways you ask for help and then ask yourself which you would enjoy the best.”

WOMAN’S WORLD, 15 May 2017 (viewing in

Does It Make Sense to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Solo Small Business?
“You always need to hire a virtual assistant before you need to hire one. A common misconception is that you need to hire a VA and provide enough work as though they are a full or part-time employee. That’s not the case at all,” says Melissa Smith, founder of virtual assistant staffing company The PVA. “The problem with waiting until you need to hire a VA is you no longer have the time to search and onboard a VA.”

Dinah W. Brin.

27 Work at Home Opportunities
“According to Melissa Smith, founder of The PVA, a virtual staffing agency that matches clients with the right Virtual Assistant, “Jobs and opportunities to work from home are everywhere. First, you must determine what you would do all day long even if you weren’t getting paid. Then determine who your ideal clients are and what they will gladly pay you for. The best jobs are the ones you create for yourself. If you are someone who excels in graphics, that’s a business. If you can create excellent Pinterest points and gain followers, that’s a business. If you can create meal plans, budgets, crafts, do it yourself videos, those are all businesses. Don’t worry that other people already have a similar business. Figure out what makes yours unique. In a world where there’s a Starbucks on every corner, you still have your favorite.”

Elizabeth Aldrich

The Advantages of Starting Your Own Business
“No more commuting, you are in control of your own schedule, and have the freedom and flexibility not to have to make tough choices but rather have your cake and eat it too. You are only doing the work you love, and working with only people you love. You don’t have to feel guilty thinking about home when you’re at work and vice versa. You are getting paid what you worth,and having the ability to travel while working, and no more wasted time! – Melissa Smith, The PVA.”

Robby Tandrian

SaaS Keeps SMBs and Solopreneurs from Falling Behind in Cloud
“An SMB executive doing all her own work will not stay competitive,” says Melissa Smith, founder, The Personal Virtual Assistant, and author, Hire the Right Virtual Assistant. “One reason large companies are so effective and successful is because they know how to use resources. They don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to pay executives to send emails, make calls or track payroll and billing. SMBs can take advantage of the same type of services by hiring virtual assistants.”

“Communication is so important when working with a VA—whether to communicate tasks, projects or updates. VAs are essential to collaboration,” Smith says. “Tools like Asana, Trello and Slack are great for multiple updates per day and several people collaborating. It cuts emails received, status updates and helps automatically coordinate different time zones.”

Derek Handova
Talkin’ Cloud, March 2017

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