Is Doing What You Love Killing You?

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The last couple weeks have been great! I signed a big contract with an amazing new client. Sent out another contract of the same amount for another client who I’m excited to work for as well. My Admin to VA Summit went live. I’m booked with podcast interviews, consulting, and writing. It’s everything I ever wanted.

I absolutely love what I do. Could it be a slow death though? As my coach put it, I’m “addicted” to it.

The first thing people will usually suggest is to delegate or ask whom I can hand off items to. That isn’t my problem. I take my own advice and have virtual assistants for a variety of different tasks.

My problem is I add work into any time I gain. I’m traveling the world and recently arrived in Morocco. The first day I took some time to explore the city and then after got straight to work doing what I love. By the end of the third day, I was exhausted. Makes sense since I hadn’t even taken the time to stop for a proper meal.

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you doing what you love to the point of letting it kill you or to the point of exhaustion? Are you addicted to work? It’s time to quit cold turkey. Sometimes you simply have to take drastic measures.

I booked two days away in the middle of the week to enjoy my success and reward myself for all my efforts which have paid off. Someone will still be working on my business. Just not me.

If you love what you’re doing as much as I do and feel addicted, you don’t need another virtual assistant. Yes. I just wrote that.

My love of travel, exploring, and new experiences are what started this trip to 12 countries in 12 months. It was supposed to be about me and the ability to be able to work virtually from anywhere in the world.

When people wonder how people can really work virtually it blows my mind. Not only can you work from anywhere in the world you can also overwork from anywhere in the world. I’m possibly one of the worst offenders. No one ever tells me to work harder or stop procrastinating. They tell me to slow down and take the time to rest. Something you might think is easy since I’m in some pretty great locations.

Wherever you are love yourself more than you love what you do. Not everyone will understand what I’m saying. Great for them! I’m trying to get to the place they already are. For the rest of us, it’s not about getting more help it’s about helping ourselves. Work will always be here. We won’t.


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