How Do You Know When To Keep Going?

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When I first started my Virtual Assistant business I wondered how I would know if I should keep going or quit. I’m not a quitter, but sometimes it is the right decision. How would I know what is right for me and would there be someone who could just tell me instead of having to make the decision on my own?

I read stories about wildly successful people who spent their last dime, almost went bankrupt, gave everything they had and their dreams came true. How did they know? Surely, there were people telling them to quit, give up, save what little they have left. I’m sure many of those people were close friends and family members. What makes a person keep going? Would I know when to keep going?

I’ve determined there is definitely a time in your business when you know. It’s more than a gut feeling. It is as simple as asking yourself, If I quit now can I live with my dream never being realized? All the other details will work out. You can figure out how to make money and pay the bills in other ways, but this is the thing you need to bring to the world. It is your unique gift and offering. Only you possess it.

Certainly, you will have to make changes and improvise along the way. The business I started with is not where I am today. Not everything was worth holding onto. You have to determine if you can get to your end result in another way. It could be you have to swallow your pride, ask for help, and start all over. None of those things are bad, but they are difficult.

When I speak to struggling VAs there is always one thing in common – they are unsure of what they offer to their clients. I remember those days vividly. I knew I could do the work. I knew my services could help their business. I knew they needed my help. There was so much more to what I was offering though. I didn’t value my expertise enough so my clients couldn’t either.

If you are struggling to start and get your virtual assistant business up and running and wonder how long you should keep going before you quit, first ask yourself these two questions:

  1. If I quit now can I live with my dream never being realized? – Don’t feel guilty if the answer is “yes”. If you are not all in it won’t work. If it’s not your dream, life is too short to spend time on things that don’t truly matter to you. Take time to figure out what the dream is. It may not be business related and that’s okay. Sometimes it’s your work which supports your dream, not your dream which is the work.
  2. Where is my lack of confidence coming from? – When I wasn’t confident it was all tied to lack of direction. I didn’t understand where I was going and how I was going to get there. I could only see what I wanted the end result to be. Clients can tell when you’re not confident and they want no part of it. Don’t confuse lack of confidence with fear. Fear is a strong emotion so it comes out often, but it still is only a symptom, not the problem.

As a business owner, you’ll go through many ups and downs, highs and lows. It could all happen in the same hour. Expect it. Work through it. Then move on. There’s no reason you can’t be successful. No matter how many virtual assistants there are, there is only one you. What is your gift to the world? If you quit now what would the world be missing out on?


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