OfficeNinjas Is Here To Celebrate The Administrative Professional!

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I remember my very first OfficeNinjas event in San Francisco three years ago. I was so nervous. Most events I’d been to for admins were at conferences or sit down lunches with a special guest speaker who could only share a story of their own assistant. (Not always relevant). This wasn’t advertised as anything like those. I was going to a party.

What does an admin party look like? Are we going to sit around and share our favorite Excel tips and tricks? Are they going to give me a mouse pad and a put my name in a drawing for raffle basket of office supplies and give me a gift card good for one frozen yogurt? These were the questions I was asking myself as I waited in line.

The closer I got to check-in the more it sounded like a real party. I mean it had real music and people sounded like they were having a good time. There were tons of people laughing and having a great time eating, mingling, and enjoying cocktails. Was I at the right location?

Turns out I was. I got my usual token tote when I walked in this seemed right. It wasn’t. There were no fancy staplers, koozies, water bottles, or coupons to Staples. It had fun stuff! Things I could use for my own benefit not just the benefit of the company. Had Christmas arrived early and no one told me? I didn’t want to be rude and “open” my presents in front of others so I decided to mingle and only occasionally peeking into my bag.

As I went around and visited each vendor’s table I met with amazing people who had products I could use or refer to someone else. They weren’t pushy or there to get my business card. They really wanted to share what they were doing and see if they could be of assistance to me. Assistance to me! That’s a change.

The event had been set up like a theme park or carnival for an admin. Products and services for me without the hassle of researching and no one to call and try to sell me later over the phone. We were just two people talking. Well, me and two hundred other admins.

At the time I was living outside the Bay Area and thought I should head out for the long drive home even though I was told you had to be present to win the raffle prizes. I was almost to the door when I heard they were going to start drawing names. The prize was called out first and I immediately turned around.

These weren’t your momma’s office prizes these were things you would bid on. Spa days, weekend vacations, free food for weeks, Delta airline tickets, high-end, good quality gifts. Not just one, two, or even three prizes. There were more than 20 gifts to give away and it took over an hour! Not sure why it was called a raffle because I didn’t have to purchase anything. I was automatically entered to win.

When it was all over I had a long drive home to think about my experience. Where had OfficeNinjas been all my life? How long have they been around? When would their next event be? More importantly, I found others like me. People who were proud to be administrative professionals. Women and men who were career admins and excited about it. All my professional career I had been going to events for admins but nothing compared to this.

OfficeNinjas has come a long way since then and has taken Administrative Professional’s Week to yet another level! You can bet they still do a fantastic job hosting an event on Admin Pro Day. However, now they have even more events for those outside the Bay Area and have gone international! Yep, I’ll be attending their inaugural event in London, June 2017.

Let’s not forget about how they celebrate admins. Whether you are an administrative assistant, executive assistant, personal assistant, virtual assistant or have a title in its own class OfficeNinjas is here for you. To celebrate you and all you do. Don’t believe it? Enter their amazing flash raffle prize drawings and find out for yourself.

I had no idea three years ago my career would be advanced thanks to their support and the community built of Ninjas around the world. I’m grateful they knew and had a vision long before I did.

Wherever you are, whatever title you carry thank you for being an OfficeNinja. Let’s celebrate!


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