Reason 101 To Begin Your Work Week On Sunday

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I’ll cut right to the chase. Reason #101 is the same as the #1 reason to start your work week on Sunday, to set your week up for success.

I’ve been accused, and rightfully so, of overworking. Of course, I’ve also had people tell me that I’m “living the dream”. Regardless of whether I’m traveling or not my week starts on Sunday and it has nothing to do with overworking.

I never felt as validated in my practice than when I listened to a premier brain surgeon speak of starting his work week on Sunday evenings with his entire team. The work he is doing is literally life-changing and a matter of life and death. Anything he could to have a better outcome for his patients needed to be done. That meant there could be no Monday morning blues or surprises. Whatever needs to be discussed or aired out happens every Sunday night with his entire team.

Anything I can do better for my clients needs to be done.

While out with new friends on a Saturday night in Cabo where I was working recently, I called it an early night to make sure I was up, ready, and alert for my 7 am call on Sunday with my consultant. In order to get the most out of the calls, simply rolling out of bed and putting in earbuds won’t do.

I had been invited out the night before and when I said I would love to join for dinner but politely declined the festivities afterward I was told to “loosen up and relax”. I was quite relaxed in Cabo, but that trip wasn’t a vacation for me like them. This is how I live my life as someone who is location independent. It’s a lifestyle choice and I don’t consider not going out on Saturday night in order to speak with my consultant Sunday morning a sacrifice. This is the type of work that funds my lifestyle. It also sheds light in all the blind spots.

On Sunday morning, when my laptop unexpectedly and suddenly crashed during my call with my consultant I was able to take quick action and create a backup plan for how I was going to work the rest of the week. Had I started my week on Monday morning I would have wasted hours trying to get myself situated, missed calls, and put others at an inconvenience. I was able to avoid all this.

So what if, none of this happened? What else do I get by starting my week early? It usually means I get to start my weekend early as well. I regularly enjoy Fridays off or working half days on Friday which is only possible with careful planning and forecasting for the week. If a client needs me and is only available to speak on Friday I’m happy to accommodate when possible but I don’t ever find myself rushing to meet a Friday deadline.

What is something you can do Sunday in order to make your Monday and your entire week run more smoothly? Watch the video below where I share my tips for how I manage my weekly schedule and keep my Friday’s open.

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