Is Your Success To The Point Where You Have Outgrown Your Clothes?

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I didn’t outgrow my clothes because I’ve been eating good. Or too good. It’s not because my exercise habits have taken a huge nose dive either. My new successful attitude outgrew my clothes.

When I first became a Virtual Assistant my clothing choices changed drastically. It was nice to wear casual clothing, go barefoot, work in my workout clothes. Becoming a VA was about freedom and flexibility and this was part of the package. A very exciting part!

Now that I’ve grown my business to become successfully location independent things have changed again. Suddenly (like overnight) I didn’t feel like my clothes were right for me anymore. If I were at home I can say things wouldn’t have been so drastic. However, I’m traveling the world and my “wardrobe” was not a true representation of how I feel or who I’ve become.

The saying goes “Dress for the job you want not the job you have”. Well, I’m a VA Staffer & Consultant, author, and summit host. I don’t have a job. I created my own career. My work is done virtually where people may never see me and when they do it’s usually from the waist up on a video call.

It wasn’t only about the clothes either. Becoming location independent came with a new lifestyle. One I never had before. Even a few years ago I didn’t know this lifestyle existed. I wouldn’t have wanted it then either. The timing wasn’t right. So really I’m now dressing for my new lifestyle and it “suits” me well!

For years now I’ve witnessed the same transition in others. It could be a bold new haircut, a stunning watch, signature shoes. I knew it wasn’t about the person was owning the look and the look didn’t own them. However, until now I didn’t truly understand what was going on inside.

Others shed things instead of adding. Of course, we all know the famous Steve Jobs look. Some people leave the city and move to the country. There are movements of minimalism and tiny homes. Even though people are downsizing they are still outgrowing something and making changes.

What have you outgrown? It certainly doesn’t have to be your clothes. Could it be your mindset? Is it your level of clientele? Maybe you’re outgrowing partners in the industry. Outgrowing things isn’t bad. Be concerned if you are in business and never reach a point of outgrowing anything. If you aren’t growing you are getting passed up!

When you truly outgrow your current situation you’ll know. The question becomes, what will you do about it?

If you are ready to outgrow your current admin position or grow your VA business I can help. My online class, The Essential Business Model For Virtual Assistants, will launch in May.


Because you can’t do it all yourself…..Melissa Smith, The PVA is the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and host of the Admin to VA Summit. Want to receive notices of clients looking for a VA just like you? Contact Melissa here.


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