The #1 Reason You’ll Want to Write Your Book This Year

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There are many reasons to write your book this year but the number one reason to get your book written or launch that podcast sooner than later is one that no one talks about enough. I’m going to share it with you in the video below but first I’ll share some practical tips with you.

To give you some idea that I can relate to your situation no matter how busy you may seem. My latest book was due to the editor on December 31st. The busiest time of year for my company, the holidays, I was traveling, plus I had family and friends in town that I didn’t want to ignore. All this and I had to find time to write!

While the holiday season might be behind us you may have a lot in your future and that makes it seem almost impossible to add writing your book or launching a podcast to your list. Trust me, you can do it. Here are three tips I used that you can use too:

Tip 1: Determine what matters most

I don’t believe in work/life balance. Not everything needs your equal attention. Some things matter more than others at certain times. Be honest with yourself at what needs your attention the most. Either hire someone to do what you can’t or scrap it. Your book or podcast is what needs your attention if it is truly the message the world needs to hear.

Tip 2: Say, “NO”

I had to turn away some work and turn down some events in order to use the time to write. I didn’t even consider it a sacrifice (I’ll tell you why in the video).

Tip 3: Discuss your goals, dreams, schedule with your family and friends

I had to sit down with my children and family and let them know about my work deadlines and writing deadlines. My children and family are extremely supportive and want me to succeed and reach my goals more than anyone so they were quite willing to discuss how we could all spend together AND I would still have my time to write. One Sunday it was my day to write and they did their own thing. They jokingly said they were going to check my work when they got home and I was going to be in “trouble” if I didn’t write all I said I would.

Your family, friends, and colleagues want to support you as well. That can’t be a part of your success if you don’t allow them to support you in the writing phase. Don’t isolate yourself. More importantly, set yourself up to celebrate with them when you’ve finished!

Now, watch the video to find out the #1 reason to write your book or launch your podcast this year! It’s not what you expect.

The last time I wrote a motivational post someone asked who I wrote it for. Well, I first write them for my imperfect self. Then I share it with others. In isolation we (I) can feel alone and as if I’m going through this process all by myself. I’m not. You’re not. Sharing brings us together and if my struggle, insight, advice, or thoughts bring one other person closer to releasing their book or podcast it’s worth it!

If you are tired of trying to do it all yourself and are ready to hire the right virtual assistant so you can concentrate on what matters most contact me and I’d be thrilled to assist you!


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