The Secret To Generating More Revenue As A Virtual Assistant

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When I first began writing this article it was geared towards foreign virtual assistants (a foreign VA is any virtual assistant working with a client from or living in a different home country). Then, fortunately, before I released this article, I had several conversations with VAs working in the same country as their clients and facing the same but different scenarios.

I then realized the problem being brought to me over and over again was on the topic of getting more clients. However, the answer was not necessarily serving more clients as much as it is necessary to generate more revenue.

While as virtual assistants we crave and desire freedom and flexibility often we haven’t left our old mindset behind. We have ourselves locked into hours and we can’t escape. So even bringing on a new client isn’t really feasible. You’ll lose the freedom and flexibility and replace it with being chained to your home office desk.

There are three things to address if you are a VA who wants to work with clients outside your home country. There are ways of making this work. However, you need to understand your client’s mindset and perceived barriers. Never underestimate perceptions. A person’s perception is their reality.

Virtual assistants relying on a single client are at great risk of losing their income immediately just as if you lost a job. You can also use the information below to think about creating “done for you” services for clients.

First and foremost, there cannot be a communication barrier. Communication barriers are a big deal. Think about it. Barriers of any kind make it harder to do your job. A client with a barrier to their own assistant is setting themselves up for failure of some kind. Creating a communication strategy with someone in your home country can be very difficult. Client’s don’t want more difficulties.

I can hear some of you now. Your first objection is that there are so many ways to communicate. You’re right. However, for your client, there is one preferred way. The client conforming to your style is the tail wagging the dog. You don’t even want them too because eventually they’ll just end up frustrated and hire someone else who they can communicate with any way they like. Communicate and socialize where your clients are.

Second, what time zone are you in? In the Continental States we spam three times zones and sometimes even this is not good for clients and VAs. Don’t shy away from being firm with your hours and don’t conform to what you can’t do. Create services and expectations that are not time zone sensitive.

Lastly, make it obvious that the client isn’t working with you. The client is purchasing from you. There’s a big difference. Many clients go through an expensive and lengthy process of making sure their work and IP rights are protected. They have sensitive client information or their field has more rigorous standards than others. For just as many it is forbidden to work with foreign contractors. Address their fear. If they are simply making a purchase from you there is nothing to fear.

Make no mistake, whatever type of VA you are and wherever you are in the world, you need more than one income stream. You need more than one client. So what’s the secret? To make your business irresistible! Just as the word is defined make your services “too attractive and tempting to be resisted”.

In his book LINGO: Discover Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible, author Jeffrey Shaw helps you identify and uncover the secrets. There are five types of secret languages to choose from and combine. The best part about this secret is only you have it. It’s one hundred percent unique to you and your clients!

Now that you know the secret (you hold it!) how do you make your business irresistible? You have to showcase it. We want and even covet what we see. You have to create something that is tangible. The bonus to this is that now you’ve created passive income.

Some of you may immediately think you can’t based on the type of VA you are. However, I’m here to tell you, you absolutely can! I’ll use myself as an example. I’ve written three books on the process of my services. The book sales not only generate passive income but also clients who find my services irresistible and hire me.

What if you don’t want to write? That’s fine. Create your own done for you service. A video tutorial. Voice recordings. Use animated graphics. Do and create what you love. Once you do and you are speaking your ideal client’s secret language you’ll be irresistible. It won’t matter where you are in the world or where your clients are.

Your ideal clients aren’t opposed to people or things foreign to them. They are opposed to risks, barriers, and the unknown that can’t be answered until it’s possibly too late.

Your clients can’t deny when something is good and especially not when something is great. I’ve hired VAs and contractors outside the States and it wasn’t but it cost me less than hiring a virtual assistant inside the States it was because the work was so good I didn’t want to work with anyone else and gladly paid top dollar for a top-notch service.

What makes your business irresistible?


Melissa is the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and Become A Successful Virtual Assistant. To learn more about hiring the right VA or be matched with a client looking for a VA just like you, contact Melissa here.

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