Virtual Assistants, You’ve Got A Brand New Place To Be Heard & Belong

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Dreams are a beautiful thing! I recently read that people spend an exhausting amount of time each day dreaming about the future. It’s exhausting not because of the consecutive time spent. Rather because when our minds envision what has not yet happened and can’t go on autopilot it depletes mental energy. The saddest part about the study was that although people dreamed about the future most didn’t believe a different future was possible.

I can relate. Real change takes time. Not seeing immediate progress day after day, month after month, and even year after year can easily cause you to believe that change isn’t possible. That’s why I turned my dreams into action items.

It’s been almost five years now since I first came up with the dream and idea where virtual assistants would have a place to come together and unite as an industry. Not compete over followers. We should not be in competition with one another. I truly believe we are better together and simply lacked a place to belong. Unite.

The process and pace over the last several years have not been easy to maintain nor has it looked the way I imagined. There were inevitable twists and turns. Pushbacks and setbacks. Of course, there were the leaps and pleasant surprises that came when the timing was right. (Rarely when I had planned).

Please allow me to share my why and the reason I founded the Association of Virtual Assistants. There was no one trusted, defined, and unified source of information for current and future virtual assistants. That also meant that there was no one to advocate on my behalf or with me. Not to mention, the clients we serve were not being served. If I couldn’t get definitive answers, they couldn’t be expected to have any either. No one group or organization was answering their most asked questions. The need for transparency has never been greater.

What immediate problem does the Association of Virtual Assistants solve? First and foremost it solves the problem of not having reliable and trusted industry standards. Every industry needs them and they are what provide unification, as well as are the basis for establishing trust amongst all parties. From here the AVA has the foundation to advocate, innovate, and facilitate change.

How does the AVA provide the end results? Because we need to start and end with why, how we end is just as important to why we began. As a virtual assistant, you are not only privileged to live in a time where you have the opportunity to be a VA, we must recognize that it is not an accident and that there were many who pioneered and paved the way for our future. The same future we must ensure is there for us and for those who come after us.

There are no guarantees and we must future-proof our industry on purpose. This includes future pricing, duties performed, and clear paths for growth on a personal and professional level, as well as constantly defining and creating excellence in our industry.

Why join now? The timing has never been better and the future never brighter to join Association of Virtual Assistants. Not only will you receive deep discounts as a founding member, but you will also reap the immediate benefits from being a part of an active community of like-minded individuals who want to ensure excellence for the industry in the future. This is your place to belong, receive, give back and be heard! Your voice matters and we are here to listen.

In the past four years, I’ve written two bestsellers (my third book will be released soon!) on the subject of virtual assistants, worked hard to bring much-needed attention to our growing industry, and have been a tireless supporter and advocate for both VAs and the clients we serve. However, I’ve always known we are better together and my business is limited to how many people I can serve. The AVA isn’t about me. It was created for all virtual assistants!

Yes, it was a big dream for the future. A dream that was worthy of all my efforts and actions. I never stopped believing in a place where virtual assistants and clients can all come together. In less than a week that dream will finally become a reality!

Comment below if you are ready to join and have your place to belong. This is your future and the time is now!

Melissa is the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and Become A Successful Virtual Assistant. To learn more about hiring the right VA or be matched with a client looking for a VA just like you, contact Melissa here.

She has gained international recognition and has been featured in CareerBuilder, The Muse, Spark Hire, Thinkific & Woman’s World.

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