Why You Need To Stay Ahead of the Trend as a Virtual Assistant

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The predictions for what business will look like in 2019 are already coming out. Soon they will be everywhere along with the recaps of 2018 which are also popping up in feeds across all social media platforms. As a virtual assistant if you are reading the trends you aren’t setting them and that has a ripple effect.

Think about the fashion industry. Trends are set before the season ever arrives by the best designers. Designers get to be known for setting the trend and charge premium prices as well. Other brands then take what has been created and mass produce the trend for a fraction of the price. More importantly, they don’t get to have a say and lead the trend. All they can do is follow.

You, as a virtual assistant, lose time and money (the very thing you warn your clients about) when you don’t stay ahead of the trend. Then the ripple effect begins.

Money is lost not only in terms of clients you’ll have to turn away but also because you won’t be able to charge premium prices for being one of the few virtual assistants providing services other VAs haven’t yet been trained on. Future money is lost because as you take the time to learn the latest trend another is already emerging and you’re still not up to speed on the last.

Losing time can be harder than losing money. Mostly because it is defeating and you can’t make it up. It takes time to hone skills, build clientele, and you need time to conduct research on where you’ll need and want to pivot next.

Constantly trying to learn what everyone else already knows is a mental game you have to stop playing and jump ahead.

If you own a company as a virtual assistant you are the CEO of your business. It’s time to start thinking of the strategy that is going to keep you in business for years to come which could very well mean you need to forget about the latest trend and jump ahead to think about what the next undiscovered trend will be then create it.

Some VAs know this already but don’t move forward. They are looking for a guarantee. There are no guarantees in business. You have to start taking calculated risks. Here’s what a wise calculated risk looks like.

1. Figure out and watch the areas where your clients are expanding their business. Where are the majority going?

  • It can’t be a few it has to be the majority.

For me, the majority of my clients are speaking or want to speak to grow or diversify their business.

2. Where are they spending their dollars?

  • They need to spend money in this area because if they aren’t they aren’t invested in it nor are they concerned about getting a return on their investment.

My clients are spending a lot of money getting their speaking career together. This is in the form of speechwriting, storytelling, stage presence, even improv classes.

3. What areas are they bottlenecked?

  • Are you hearing your clients saying that they don’t have time, don’t have leads, don’t know where to start.
  • This is where you find your trend. It’s your job to find the time, find the leads, and know the starting point and the end outcome. I found this for my clients earlier this year.

I’m removing the bottlenecking and barriers for clients looking to speak more and get paid as well. Plus, I’ve created packages to serve them every step of the way. From being able to provide 100 qualified leads, to working the leads on their behalf, including booking the travel, to negotiating fees and earning a commission. Most importantly, it’s going to be the trend because I’m not duplicating services they have already paid for. Offering what someone else already is would simply be trendy.

Staying ahead of the trend now also allows me to set the next one before it begins. Not everyone will be part of my clientele and that’s okay. I’m not a fan of every big name designer and you can trust they are not losing any sleep or making fewer trips to the bank because of it.

Creating trends aren’t necessarily to serve the masses, as in the world. I’m not Apple and that’s not my goal. However, I can set the trend in my area of expertise, working with the clients I already have and continuously improving my retention.

Don’t get trapped in the mindset of only thinking about the work you are doing today. Spend your time wisely and know how you’ll be spending it in the future.


Melissa is the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and Become A Successful Virtual Assistant. To learn more about becoming a successful VA or be matched with a client looking for a VA just like you, contact Melissa here.

She has gained international recognition and has been featured in CareerBuilder, The Muse, Spark Hire, Thinkific & Woman’s World.


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