How To Feed Your Faith And Starve Your Fears

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A definition of faith is allegiance to duty or person. It’s not a word which should be reserved only when talking about religion. As a virtual assistant business owner, you have a duty to yourself. You are the person who also needs to have your faith. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t understand fear. Fear is a word we not only use, but we pick our own adjectives. We go into much descriptive detail to describe it. In essence, we feed it.

Starting a business isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Or is it? Let’s think about this for a moment. Rainbows come after the rain. If it were always raining there would be a flood. However, if it never rained there would be a drought. We need both sunshine and rain (to make the rainbows) in life and business.

The problem is we feed fear instead of our faith. We ask fear questions it can’t answer and often aren’t even probable. We get close to the edge, look over, and scare ourselves. We don’t put up boundaries or fences and let it creep onto our property and then are startled when it knocks at the door. Life without fear is not realistic. Living in constant fear isn’t healthy.

You may be reading this and wondering what this has to do with your virtual assistant business. It has everything to do with it. You control business actions. If you don’t have enough clients you can change it. If you’re struggling with too many you can implement changes to lessen the burden. If you need help it’s up to you to get it. Instead, what so many VAs do is sit and fear and wait. There is no greater food source for fear than inaction. Paralysis by fear means you have fed it and it has enough food to live on throughout the winter. Imagine if you fed your faith the same way.

Remember feeding your faith is to feed your allegiance to yourself and your business. It’s not an accident. Instead of getting a quick fix and drive-thru meals which you know are bad for your health, plan a mean worthy of consumption. A meal which will fuel your body. Here’s how to do it:

Start the morning off with the right energy.

Feed: Notice I didn’t say to start the morning with what makes you feel good. Ice cream makes me feel good and happy. I could eat it every day. It doesn’t give me energy. I exercise, read, and write in the morning. I even have emails sent to me daily via Marc & Angel and TUT (Thoughts become Things) to help motivate, encourage, and inspire me. When I open my laptop to start my day I search for these first and before I respond to any emails. It’s amazing how much I look forward to them and the energy they give me.

Starve: Quit doing the thing that gives you the most anxiety first thing every morning! I don’t remember the last time I turned on a television. There was once a time I watched the news every morning and kept it on in the background as I got ready for work and sent my children off to school. Only when I stopped did I realize how much happier I was. No more awful horror stories, doom and gloom and job cuts.

Schedule your perfect working day.

Feed: Do the work. If you don’t have any clients or enough clients to keep you busy practice the work you would do for them. Reach out to your ideal clients. Take a free class. Learn something. Be diligent. Decide on three things you’re going to do today in order for your business to grow. Start connecting and reaching out to potential clients who can make it happen.

Starve: Don’t get dusty. When things aren’t going well we tend to let our schedules get away from us. This includes checking social media where you find all your friends having a better life than you. It must be true because they’ve got the photos to prove it. Right? I’m always amazed when I speak to struggling VAs and I ask what their day looks like and it’s scattered all over the place and no outbound emails, calls, and connections have been made. Quit looking at other people’s lives and start creating your own.

Hire a coach.

Feed: Support and accountability are crucial. I’m not selling you anything nor am I coach so I don’t benefit from telling you to hire someone. I’m telling you because hiring the right coach can make all the difference in the world. Having someone with a proven track record to help you uncover blind spots and challenge your perceptions while keeping you accountable works.

Starve: Instead of worrying about if a coach will make a difference or not, think about how the coach will make the difference. Forget about the “or not”. I didn’t have the extra money to spend on my first coach, but I couldn’t afford not to hire one either. Had I not hired her who knows if I would even still be in business today.

Acknowledge your fear.

Feed: Write it down and be honest. Don’t add the what ifs or worst case scenarios. Then write down the solution to the fear and the steps it would take to keep shrinking it until it’s not something you think about all the day. Not everything can have your attention. Focus your attention the faith of your actions.

Starve: Recognize what it is and put up boundaries. Don’t feed it, don’t pet it or play with it. Without boundaries the closer it gets to you the more you feed it. It was not meant to consume you or become part of your life like the family pet.

Fear is a part of life and can even be healthy. The problem is we not only feed it, we overfeed it and let it bite off our hand in the process. What would your business look like if you spent as much time having faith in yourself and your actions as you thought about worrying? Success is not a place. It’s a mindset. Have faith you will get there and you will.


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