The First Time I Invested In A Business Coach I Was Terrified!

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A few weeks ago I launched my first online course for virtual assistants. I didn’t market except to my personal email list because it’s a pilot course. Part of my internal promotion was a series of strategic emails.

I write all my own content and often share my personal stories of what I have experienced. When I wrote the email about the first time I hired a business coach I didn’t think too much of it. However, my thoughts quickly changed when the responses started coming in. People were thanking me for sending the email!

I’ve been thanked for emails before. It was more about what I sent them – the list, the recommendation, the requested information. So, really, it had more to do with the receiver being polite. I had never been thanked for a promotional email before! Of all the emails I have ever sent I can’t remember thanking anyone for an email where they were trying to sell me something.

When I sat down to write this week I wondered what I would write about. Then I remembered the response from my previous email. Instead of writing something new I’m sharing my story with you, my fellow virtual assistant, business owner, and entrepreneur. This is why I truly believed the email was so well received, sharing.

When we share with others it gives them the ability to be a part of the experience, connect with you, and understand you better. In the email responses, they shared stories of their own. How they have been scared to invest in themselves and their businesses, doubts, and fears. It’s as if they were with me.

Whether you are new to being a virtual assistant, haven’t made the leap yet, or have been doing this for years, what can you share with your peers, colleagues, clients? Is there a journey you can bring them on? However cliche, “sharing is caring”. Here is my story to share with you.

I remember the first meeting I had with my business coach. I had never met with a business coach or had one before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were meeting at Starbucks which I thought was “safe”. Should it go bad or become uncomfortable then I could leave as soon as I finished my coffee. Except it didn’t.

Our 30-minute coffee meeting turned into a two-hour event. I remember her face when she looked down at her phone and realized how much time had passed and she was late to pick up her kids! Of course, there was no time for proper goodbyes as she rushed out the door.

Sitting there afterward I was amazed. Who was this woman who knew all these things about me? It was like I just had coffee with a psychic. No one had ever gotten me before. No one really understood what I wanted out of life or my business. How could they? I barely knew myself. What I wanted at the time I wasn’t even sure existed and if it did I surely didn’t know how to obtain it. We joke now, but I tell people she had her work cut out for her working with me. I wasn’t at ground zero, I was subzero.

Later the next week we had a formal call to talk about her services and what she had to offer. I wanted what she had. It was a six-month commitment and would cost me $5,000! What?! I was struggling to get clients. How was I going to pay that? How could I justify spending what I wasn’t even making? Something in my gut told me I wasn’t going to get where I wanted to go on my own. Before the call ended I made the commitment. Later that day I typed in my credit card number and then wondered what in the world I just did!

What I did was make a huge shift in my thinking. I had just started thinking like a business owner. I made an investment in my product and what I was selling – me. It was the best thing I could have done. During the next six months, I began to work less and make more doing what I loved. I signed a six-month $7500 contract which was my largest to date at the time. Then I signed a few more $4500 contracts. I was about to send out a $15,000 contract and my hand was shaking. I was terrified it would be rejected and I would lose the client. The proposal was already three times more than I had charged previously. I texted my coach and we got on the phone. After talking with her, I raised the price to $21,000, and guess what? It was accepted! Throw in some other contracts and I had made over $40k in six months.

The biggest takeaway is that I was working less and really enjoying what I was doing. No more cringing or rolling my eyes when a phone call or email came in from a client I wasn’t properly matched with. It didn’t really feel like working. Since then I have never been without a coach or in a class of some sort. I always make more money when I invest in myself. Period.

If you are scared about joining The Essential Business Model for VAs online course because you’ve never invested $299 in yourself or your business before, I understand. If you have invested and still didn’t reap any benefits, I know it can be even more difficult. Trust me, I know the feeling. My first investment was $5,000, so yeah, I was definitely scared.

When I tell you, you will make way more in 8 weeks if you follow the model I’m telling you the truth. When I tell you, you’ll be working with clients and doing what you love, it’s the truth. It’s not only you taking a risk to trust me and invest in yourself. My name and business reputation are on the line. You better believe I know this works.

In business, we’re told to do things before we’re ready and that there is never a more perfect time than now to start. It’s true. If you wait until you’re ready it’s too late. There is no time like the present. Classes begin this week, Wednesday, May 17th and this is your last opportunity to join this year. Register here and let’s get you on your way to loving your work and living your dream!


For those wondering who my coach was, Krista Martin and NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) sister. My current business coach is Jeffrey Shaw and yes, I’ve already made more money and signed a $60k contract this year. I’m never not in a class or without a coach. As counterintuitive as it may seem, it’s not worth it. I always make more money and grow faster when I’m working with a coach – this coming from someone who is not a coach. This was my story of the first time I hired a business coach. I shared with you. I welcome you to share your story with me.


Because you can’t do it all yourself…..Melissa Smith, The PVA is the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and host of the Admin to VA Summit. Want to receive notices of clients looking for a VA just like you? Contact Melissa here.


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