How Do You See Yourself As A Virtual Assistant?

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“We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are”Anaïs Nin

As a virtual assistant staffer and consultant, I talk and write a lot about finding and working with your ideal client. However, I realized I’ve been skipping a step. First, It’s important to know who you are. You are your first ideal client because you will naturally gravitate towards others like you. So how do you view yourself as a virtual assistant and business owner?

If you are struggling to get clients you need to think about what you’re struggling with in business. Are you afraid to tell someone your prices? Are you unsure of yourself because you only recently became a VA? Is it hard for you to speak with authority and confidence when you discuss your business? All of these things will attract the same type of client.

Your clients will naturally be the person who is afraid of investing in a virtual assistant. She will not be confident in earning enough to afford you. The client won’t have complete confidence in you. She will second guess your every decision and performance. What you put out to the world is what you get back.

I’m not saying to throw things out to the universe and all will be well. I’m telling you first to believe in who you are. Believe in what you have to offer. Believe in your business. If you don’t, no one else will either. We can only produce what we are. Orange trees produce oranges, not apples. Vineyards produce grapes, not tomatoes. So who are you saying you are but not attracting?

When I first started as a VA I was attracting a lot of potential clients who weren’t a good fit for me. However, I was able to fit them with the right virtual assistant. It was so frustrating. Why was I attracting everyone else’s potential client? Where were my clients at? How could it be I was I was meeting other people’s clients and not my own? Well, I was meeting my clients. I was attracting people because I was naturally doing the things I loved – educating, assessing the situation, and then assisting. It just didn’t look like it did when I worked in an office.

Whom are you attracting? Write down the fields of those who “just happen” to keep running into.

I was frustrated for no reason. Not only did I have clients, but they were everywhere. I didn’t see them because I didn’t see who I was. When I opened my eyes to see who I am suddenly everything made sense. My years as an executive assistant had been preparing me for this. I worked in education for a long time. Every time I began a new position I first had to assess the situation because it was usually at crunch time – no time to ease into my new role. After that, I found where to assist in making the greatest impact. I couldn’t do everything. I found out how to do what mattered and enlist the help of the others for the rest.

What is it that sets you apart? It can be hard to see things about ourselves which come so easy. During stressful times when you were in the office, write down why people seek you out.

In my years as an EA, I also was an integral part of the hiring process, marketing systems, and growth. All things I can see from a big picture and assist my clients with. This allows me to speak with authority and confidence. My clients trust me and take my advice only because I trust in myself.

What in your past has prepared you for your future? Don’t limit yourself to the office. Think about your volunteer groups as well. Write down a list of all the past opportunities and responsibilities which are unique or maybe most people don’t know about you.

I love the idea of having other people help in this process. It’s so hard to see ourselves and we take a lot for granted. Since it’s easy for us we think it’s easy for everyone. It’s not! Go check out a creative way to get others involved on Remember if you can’t ask your friends for help you won’t have enough courage to seek out clients either.

Now take all those things into consideration and begin making the connections between you and the people you are attracting. If you don’t see the connection ask yourself if who you are is who you are letting the world see. Could you actually be turning down work because you don’t offer a service people repeatedly ask you for? What do you see in the potential clients which remind you of yourself or the person you must want to be? Use your past experience and your current desires to piece the puzzle together in a completely new way. Look for themes.

Your client cannot also be your life coach. At some point, you are going to have to see yourself as a force to be reckoned with. You have to see it and embrace to receive the clients you are already attracting.


Because you can’t do it all yourself…..Melissa Smith, The PVA is the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and host of the Admin to VA Summit. Want to receive notices of clients looking for a VA just like you? Contact Melissa here.


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